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We specialize in the Design, Development, and Maintenance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. We have exhaustive experience in various Domains and Practice areas to deliver high-quality, scalable, and efficient Artificial Intelligence applications that meet your requirements and automate processes, gain insights, and make informed decisions. We have served various Practise areas viz. E Optical Character Recognition, Face Recognition, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Physical and Digital Security.

We understand that every business has unique needs and challenges, which is why we take a collaborative approach to the Development Process. Our team works closely with you to understand your business goals, requirements, and constraints so as to Design and Develop an AI application that meets your specific requirements.

We are appraised as CMMI ML3 for Dev 2.0 and also certified as ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems, ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security, and ISO 20000-1:2018 for Service Delivery Processes. Our AI application Development Process is designed to be transparent, efficient, customer-centric, and focused on continual improvement. We use agile development methodologies to ensure that we deliver working applications early and often and that we can quickly adapt to changing requirements and feedback.

Industries Served

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Practice Areas

Face Recognition with Liveness Detection

We offer Face Recognition with Liveness detection to authenticate the identity of individuals using artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms. The intent is to ensure that the person being identified is not an imposter or a photo or video of the person.

Our Liveness detection algorithm prevents spoofing attacks. It uses a variety of methods, including facial movement analysis, blink detection, and skin texture analysis, to determine whether the person being identified is alive or not.

Optical Character Recognition

We offer cutting-edge Optical Character Recognition (OCR) applications powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a specialization in Document Editing and Energy Meter Reading.

You can convert scanned images, PDFs, and handwritten documents into editable and searchable digital formats with incredible accuracy and speed.

You can retrieve Energy meter reading through AI-based Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with high accuracy and efficiency. Traditional energy meter reading methods rely on manual data entry, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. With OCR technology, energy meters can be read automatically using a camera and software that recognizes and extracts the meter reading data from the image. This not only saves time and reduces errors, but it also allows for real-time monitoring of energy consumption.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We use NLP techniques to analyze and interpret human language, enabling you to understand and respond to customer inquiries and feedback. Our Sentiment Analysis app uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to accurately analyze the sentiment of text, providing valuable insights for businesses, individuals, and researchers.

Sentiment analysis is the process of determining the emotional tone of a piece of text, such as a tweet, review, or article. Our app uses NLP to analyze the text and classify it as positive, negative, or neutral. This allows users to quickly and easily understand the overall sentiment of a piece of text and can be useful for a variety of applications.

Computer Vision

We offer Computer Vision techniques to help you automate visual tasks, such as object detection, image recognition, and video analysis.

You can use our Computer Vision Services to automate Quality Control processes, Improving Security and Surveillance, enable more efficient and accurate Product Searches, and even assist in Medical Diagnosis.

Our Computer Vision Services can process vast amounts of visual data at a speed and accuracy level that is impossible for humans to achieve. It enables businesses to make better, data-driven decisions that can improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience.

Custom Artificial Intelligences Services

Our team of developers has the expertise to design and build custom AI solutions, tailored to your business needs. We can integrate AI solutions with your existing systems and processes, such as CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and chatbots. We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that your AI solutions are always up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly.

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