The intent of the Urja Saathi application for Power Distribution Companies is to provide a web and mobile interface for consumers to seek various consumer services so as to provide a reprieve to the consumers from multiple visits and harassment. Urja Saathi provides access to various services viz. view current/historical bills, make payments towards energy bills or demand notices, view receipts, view consumption patterns, average consumption, register a complaint, check complaint status, new service connection, extension/reduction of load, meter change, name change, category change, bill correction, disconnection, reconnection, shifting of service connection, report theft, etc.


Benefits of the Optical Probe based Spot Billing application are as under: -

Delivers assured consumer services in an efficient, transparent, and time-bound manner

Provides a web and mobile interface to consumers to seek various consumer services from anywhere and anytime

Enables consumers to view their current bill and make a payment toward it

Provides multiple payment options to facilitate the consumer to make payments towards his energy bill/demand notice

Enables consumers to retrieve historical bills and receipts

Enables consumers to register their complaints such as power breakdown, incorrect reading, etc., and retrieve their status

Reduces consumer grievances

Enables consumers to register various service requests such as new service connection, load change, name change, etc., and retrieve their status

Enables Consumer to register various Service Requests such as New Service Connection, Load Change, Name Change etc. and retrieve its Status

Ensures better mobilization and utilization of resources to in turn reduce cost of service delivery

Reprieve from multiple visits to sub-divisional offices and harassment

Enables customer-centric governance

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Urja Sathi

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