The intent of the Customer Relationship Management application for City Gas Distribution (CGD) is to provide an integrated platform which covers all the business processes viz. Customer Acquisition, Customer Onboarding/Projects, Metering, Billing, Collection, Disconnection/Reconnection, Customer Services, Operation and Maintenance, Contract Management, E-Measurement, Fire & Safety, Management Information System etc.


Benefits of the Optical Probe based Spot Billing application are as under: -

  • Efficient and prompt delivery of Services.
  • Better mobilization and utilization of resources.
  • Reduced Cost
  • Improvement in revenue collection
  • Transparency and integrity in administration
  • Accountability and credibility
  • Automation of various processes and Customer services
  • Better co-ordination between various Departments and agencies
  • Improved communications
  • Real time monitoring and reporting
  • Creation of effective management information system (MIS)
  • Objectiveness in decision-making
  • Overall improvement in governance, delivery of services and Customer interface
  • Single repository of data from various delivery channels.
  • Easy and immediate availability of information
  • Assured and timely delivery of Services and redressal of grievances
  • Improved access to Customer Services
  • Improved communications
  • Simplification of procedures
  • Streamlining of the approval process
  • Opportunity for greater participation in decision-making
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Reprieve from multiple visits and harassment
  • Customer Centric Governance
  • Quick and Easy monitoring of various programs, activities and delivery of Services
  • Increased Productivity, reduced cost and increased Revenue Collection
  • Participation of Customers on various issues.


Features of the Optical Probe based Spot Billing application are as under: -

  • Enables CGD to organize the Licensed area into Cities, Assets, Area, Sub Area, Societies
  • Enables CGD to empanel Vendors and configure Contracts placed on them
  • Enables CGD to setup its administrative structure viz. its Offices, and Employees placed at various Designations in such Offices.
  • Provisions an Identity Management System to allow CGD to allow various stakeholders to access the relevant modules.
  • Schedules automated Notifications through Cloud Messaging/Text Messaging to notify Customers and other Stakeholders.
  • Provisions a Content Management System to enable CGD to publish Content on its Official Website such as its Profile, Management Team, CNG, PNG, Careers, Contact us etc.
  • Enables CGD to setup Tariff Categories and Sub Categories
  • Enables CGD to setup various Schemes towards each Tariff Category/Sub
  • Enables registration of Customer application for New Service Connection
  • Enables registration of a Real Estate Project and in turn Bulk registration of various premises in such Project
  • Enables verification of application form, its acceptance, authorization of Payment and generation of Customer Relationship Number through a Workflow based System
  • Enables organization of Material into various Categories and its record its receipt, issue and its transfer intra-office or to Vendors.
  • Enables allocation/deallocation of works to Vendors
  • Enables Vendors to seek Consent of the Customer for works
  • Enables submission of Joint Metering Report for Connection and/or Conversion, report utilization of Free Issue Material and measurement of Works carried out by the Vendor
  • Enables approval of Joint Metering Report submitted by the Vendor through a Workflow based System
  • Generates Customer Invoice towards additional works carried out by the Vendor
  • Generates E-Measurement Sheet towards works carried out by the Vendor against approved Joint Metering Reports.
  • Enables configuration of Tariff Orders
  • Enables registration of Meter Readers, Bill Distributors and Managerial Staff
  • Enables allocation of Beat/Sub areas to a Meter Reader/Bill Distributor.
  • Enables allocation of Customers to the Meter Reader for each Bill Cycle and Bill Group
  • Enables navigation to Customer premises using Google Navigation Services
  • Generates and Prints Customer Gas Bill for various Tariff Categories as per Billing Logics
  • Provisions Location-wise or Meter Reader-wise Billable and Billed Customers
  • Populates Customer Ledger automatically
  • Enables Collection of Gas/Non Gas Bill Online through Cards and Net Banking or offline through Cheque, Demand Draft/Pay Order.
  • Provisions CGD to upload Meter Readings in Bulk, view Meter Readings to seek approval, and generate Bills as per Billing Logics towards Meter Readings
  • Enables CGD to Print Bills in Bulk and allocate them for Distribution.
  • Enables Bill Revision against incorrect Meter Readings, incorrect amount posted into the Customer account etc.
  • Enables Customer to Login using Login and Password or OTP sent on his registered Mobile No
  • Enables Customer to register for E-Bill
  • Enables Customer to view his Invoices, Receipts towards Bill Payments, and Change Profile
  • Enables Customer to Submit Service Requests and retrieve its Status
  • Seeks Customer Feedback based on questionnaire
  • Enables Customer to take Meter Reading as Guest and make Payment towards his Due Invoice.
  • Enables configuration of Customer Service Requests
  • Enables configuration of Escalation Matrix towards each type of Service Request
  • Enables Customer to register a Service Request
  • Enables verification of Service Request, its allocation to an O&M Vendor and to update its Status
  • Enables Field activities viz. Customer Acquisition, its Onboarding/Project work, Operation and Maintenance, Customer Self Service, Meter Change, Disconnection, Reconnection etc through Mobile apps
  • Provision to generate and view Reports

Industries Served

Urban Local Bodies
Cantonment Boards