The intent of the e-VCR application is to aid the Vigilance Officers of the Power Distribution and City Gas Distribution Companies to identify and localize occupants with high degree of suspicion to be involved in Energy/Fuel using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, capture particulars of Vigilance Checking Report, collate Evidence, carry out Provisional and Final assessment of Theft, Monitor Recovery and Registration of First Information Report with the concerned Police Station.


The benefits of this application are as under: -

  • Enable Targeted Raids by prioritizing Inspections with high degree of suspicion using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Enable Localization of Suspects based on geo-spatial data captured at the time of generation of Energy/Gas Bill at spot or Consumer Indexing process through Navigation Services.
  • Enable authentication of Location of the Suspect and that of Vigilance Officer and restrict Vigilance activities within the time restrictions mandated under the act.
  • Enable Structured Inspections to ensure completeness and correctness of data captured by the Inspection Team through proper configuration and enforcement of Business Rules in the application.
  • Enable Inspection Team to capture Evidence as Statement/Videos/ Photographs.
  • Keep Inspection Report/Memorandum of Seizure Safe and Secure on Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Allows Provisional and Final assessment order can be generated based on provisions of Supply Code from the app itself.
  • Allows access to the Inspections Reports to authorised officials easily and securely to ensure swift recoveries of Theft amount and Compounding Charges.
  • Provides Dashboard to all the stakeholders to access Suspect List, Raids Carried out, Thefts detected, Provisional and Final Orders issued, Recoveries made, Cases Lodged.
  • Finally, algorithm can configured to generate priority list segmented on each Division, Circle or Zone based on placement of Vigilance/Enforcement Teams to ensure maximum coverage, hit-rate or productivity.


  • Enables configuration of various Stakeholders and their roles.
  • Provides an Identity Management System to allow such Stakeholders to access the System based on the allocated roles.
  • Integrates with any Customer Care and Billing application through Web Services and also allows migration of Metering, Billing and Collection Data into the System.
  • Automates prioritization of Suspects involved in Energy/Fuel Theft based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Enables Inspection Team to retrieve Suspect List based on Degree of Suspicion, Tariff Category and Location.
  • Allows Inspection Team to search for a Consumer based on his Account No/Consumer No/Customer Relationship No, Meter No, Mobile No etc.
  • Captures Inspection and Seizure Memo for both Consumer and Non-Consumer online as well as offline
  • Captures Evidence as Photographs, Videos and Written/Oral Statement online as well as offline
  • Enables configuration of Tariff Orders and Regulations of the Power Distribution/City Gas Distribution Company
  • Carries out Provisional and Final Assessment of Theft based on Tariff Orders and Regulations
  • Enables generation of Assessment and Recovery Notices and Request for Police Complaint under relevant sections of the act.
  • Provides Management Dashboard to monitor the activities, ensure swift recoveries of Theft amount and Compounding Charges.

Industries Served

Urban Local Bodies
Cantonment Boards